40 suspected of illegal websites and other illegal websites were shut down

March 10, 2017

40 suspected of extortion and other illegal websites were shut down

May 5th, the reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, recently, 40 suspected of engaging in network extortion, paid delete posts and other illegal activities of the site was closed. This is the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work carried out since the Internet authorities concentrated close third illegal websites, the number of the previous two group increased, special rectification efforts to further increase.

40 the

was shut down in accordance with the law website are: "China Information Port", "the network of public relations network", "Shanghai famous enterprises network delete posts, delete posts Jincheng net", "21 headlines network," martial arts "," Shandong broadcast network "," the Shanghai crisis public relations network management, network information delete technology center "and" fun "" farmers hotline network "," brand maintenance network "," network known public relations "," professional delete posts net "," smart network public relations "," network image maintenance network "," enterprise dimensional network of public relations, public relations crisis delete network "," easy, "Li Shan’s" network "," network network delete posts net "and" Zibo century "and" Beijing Fullink network delete posts "," Ke Le century "," record of the network platform, "delete" Meiya network public relations"," Baccarat "," Beijing Haotian alliance "," Heaven network "and" chuangying network public relations network "," 120 public relations "," golden technology delete network "," the imagination of the network of public relations "," excellent cat delete network "," Beijing speed clear brand maintenance "," Jin Technology "," speed seconds to maintain the brand "," great network delete posts "," Shang delta media network company "," network public relations crisis assistance center".

National Network Information Office official told reporters that the 40 site was closed, the site master network information department of illegal facts, most from the social report, which once again reveals the special role of the people in the special rectification work in the play. Special rectification strictly follow the "open regulation" concept, fully rely on the masses, the masses of trust, for the masses, further play the role of public supervision, to inspire the community and the masses of the people actively participate in the enthusiasm of prevention and treatment of the situation is developing.

the person in charge finally stressed that the current special rectification is being further promoted, thanks to the community to provide strong support and help. National network information office to welcome all of you to report by telephone 12377, reporting web site, network of extortion and paid Posts illegal activities to report, the report will be a strong personal privacy protection, effective clues to report, will do the piece is an echo, everything is implemented, and give the maximum amount of up to 50 thousand yuan reward.

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