Amazon to enter the e-commerce market in ndia launched website

March 10, 2017

According to

, the largest U.S. online retailer Amazon Co said in a statement on Thursday local time, as part of a global implementation of the electronic commerce website strategy, the company launched an online shopping site in India, India to enter the e-commerce market.

According to Amazon Co, will provide more than 12 million products from India and global brands, including Kindle e-readers,

said. According to Amazon Co vice president Amit · Agarwal said: "to provide an electronic commerce website for consumers in India, a large number of products that they choose to sell local or overseas retailers, and help them to make a decision in advance, we feel very happy."

Amazon Co will intensify the competition in the field of e-commerce market in India, for example, was founded in 2007, India’s largest online bookstore Flipkart will also compete with Amazon Co fierce competition. Flipkart company’s business scope has been extended to mobile phone, electrical appliances, such as music and movies and other fields, providing fast cash on delivery sales for the sale of 10 items per minute, the company plans to 2015 will increase to $1 billion in revenue. In addition, Amazon Co also said last month that the company is building a warehouse in India, you can improve the speed of delivery, reduce shipping costs.

Amazon Co launched the site allows users to compare the price of goods, but most of the real purchase transactions must also be carried out through the third party retailer network. India users will be available on the website with third party retailers, clothing companies such as computer software, Fabindia bought Reebok shoes, Microsoft India company and Hidesign brand of luxury handbags etc.. However, there are some goods can be purchased directly through the website, such as Amazon Co’s own Kindle e-reader, but the need to pay the most expensive import transaction tax and other related taxes and fees.

Internet penetration in India is still quite low, but the rapid development of online retail business. According to the consultancy from New Delhi Technopak Advisors’s data show that by 2020, the number of Internet users in India will increase eight times, reaching 800 million, benefited from this figure, India e-commerce market transactions will increase from $10 billion last year to $200 billion in 2020. India e-commerce market has great potential. At present, only 40% of active Internet users in India, of which only 52 million of Internet users in the online shopping. According to the India Internet and mobile Association, said the India book market grew by about 15% a year, e-commerce market will grow by $9 billion 340 million to $47% this year.

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