Zuo Mingyan buy site thinking

March 10, 2017

The latest

network very hot, which is the electronic commerce, group purchase, a large number of group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, more and more Internet users group purchase website domain attention; on group purchase message everywhere, various people have shot, just like who come here, can pick up gold in general. Small left himself can not help but engage in a program to install the next buy, want to look at this group buying site in the end what look like.

first from the technical point of view, buy site technology is very simple, it can be said that there is no technical threshold ~ ~ this is one of the reasons leading to a large number of buy site flooding. Before the CMS program, website has been a certain technical content, so that when the individual stationmaster earned disk full bowl full. Then the emergence of CMS, and virtual host, the technical threshold of website construction is greatly reduced, almost no barriers to competition, so in a short period of time, there has been a lot of personal website China. Including China’s personal website is still increasing, but profitability has declined year by year.

website group purchase fire in addition to the technical threshold is low, but also because of the operation mode and profit mode is simple, easy to copy, the two is a very important factor for many investment group purchase website, if there is no simple profit model, will lose the benefits, everyone’s enthusiasm will naturally reduce.

group seems to be simple, but when everyone jumped into it, only to find that there are many hidden barriers buy site. The most important two points: first, the user scale, two is the integration of resources under the line. First, the user scale, from the characteristics of the Internet is not difficult to find any successful model needs to have a user base, no user is not one or two aircraft engines, will lose all the advantages. Moreover, the focus is on the group, the group, with the user to be able to group up. Second lines of resource barriers. Bargaining power under the so-called line resource barrier is group purchase information resources, to attract businesses to provide a competitive group purchase price, will allow businesses to see his interests, and the interests of the drive from the site itself user base and group purchase influence, this is also the reason that the user must have the basic group purchase based on the. These two points are mutual influence and promotion, with these two points, it is easy to form a virtuous circle, a snowball effect.

as a group purchase website should be how to operate? If I were an operator. I’ll take it from here. First of all, the most important is regionalization, localization. Focus on localization of life, which is the user needs to buy points, can not deviate. So in terms of the core resources of the construction team, I personally feel that the focus should be on the collection of resources to integrate aspects of collection. Then take advantage of these resources to cooperate with the regional website or portal. Some people may ask, portal and large network companies will work with you? Of course! Now Tencent also has its own website. But they have their short board, Tencent has a user, but the integration of resources under the line, Ken

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