Great potential human resources website PeopleMatter $19 million

March 10, 2017


PeopleMatter is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Southeast of the city, its software is mainly for hourly workers. The company said it would invest in new product innovation and access to more new users. Prior to their investors are also involved in the current round of investment, the industry generally believe that this is certainly their model, the investment makes the total injection of funds reached PeopleMatter reached $47 million.

is different from SuccessFactors, Taleo and Rypple such a talent management company, PeopleMatter should pay more attention to those who do the construction, such as the fast food industry, convenience stores and other retail industry. Although these industries have low barriers to entry and a large number of practitioners, but if businesses want to find some potential employees, they should try this service PeopleMatter. Their talent database can help employers find their ideal employees in the shortest possible time. The company’s products allow organizations to manage job hunting, recruitment, induction, training, scheduling and other processes.

PeopleMatter has also launched a smart phone for employees to use.

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