24 coupons to buy after the failure of the follow-up capital game or fate of the outcome

March 10, 2017

October 20, 2012, another group has been among the top five to buy a large group of websites to buy coupons fell 24. Currently the site has been unable to open, in the official website was written: due to major adjustment of business, the company decided from businesses, users and employees long-term interests, temporarily into a long holiday, so we in the next few weeks to provide service for you. After waiting for the recent adjustment, we will restore your service.


24 official website screenshot

indeed, since 2010 began to sprout, from the blind expansion to many enterprises facing bankruptcy, bankruptcy, group purchase website has experienced many ups and downs, the consumer group purchase passion faded, industry reshuffle is still continuing, the winter capital has not yet come to pick up one day, so live will become the ultimate goal group purchase site.

group of 800 "the first half of 2012 statistics report shows" group purchase, and the first half of last year the average group purchase turnover compared to 37 thousand yuan, the first half of this year is only 14 thousand yuan, a single product group purchase "pricing power" decline. With the recession, people buy every single turnover of the group purchase website started by extending the sale time and improve the way of "seeking transformation package price".

Hu Chen believes that in 2012 is undoubtedly the Chinese buy the enterprise reshuffle, while the relationship with the group to buy the network also produced a subtle change. Prior to the purchase of the site has the absolute right to speak, into a choice to buy the site to become a merchant, the price of the group, the dominant time.

according to industry insiders said that the real reason for the closure of the 24 bonds: the investment side of the company’s $2 million 400 thousand unauthorized withdrawal of funds, resulting in the plight of the company’s operations. No money can burn once again become the main reason for the lack of their own ability to buy the site down.

with a view of the rise and collapse of bubble group purchase with unprecedented war burn off the dry line. However, Mao continued to burn the low interest rates, earnings prospects, fuzzy IPO failure, investors questioned, group purchase website repeatedly rebuffed in the capital market. Therefore, in the capital chain on the verge of breaking the crisis, group purchase website or forced to accept the merger, or completely shut down or out in history, investors under the pressure of the founder, these problems often staged in the field. Therefore, many of the most fundamental cause of the group buying site caused by the storm is not profitable for a long time, the capital chain tension, the urgent need for investors continued transfusion.

way to buy network founder Jia Yangguang said, the rapid expansion of capital to stimulate the entire group purchase industry, and industry competition is fierce, group purchase website will be a lot of capital spending in the construction market and local station malignant, and the group purchase its own business market scale, simply can not digest the entire industry large-scale expansion of expenditure the cost of capital flow, so the fracture has become inevitable, and the current capital market freeze, so no cash reserves of the company no longer.

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