Analysis report from the top two consulting companies to tell you the future of luxury electricity s

March 10, 2017

will become the online retail clothing Amazon’s boss, luxury electricity supplier development start as early as possible, social media will directly affect sales…… Do you know all this,


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recently, with two of the consulting firm McKinsey Cowen invariably released analysis report associated with luxury electric providers. If you do not know the situation of luxury electricity supplier, then we summed up the four trends will help you understand the current and future development of luxury electricity supplier.

Amazon will become the number one online clothing retailer

for online sales of luxury goods business, Amason has been quite ambitious. Not only for the luxury brand is warranted, Broolyn also for fashion shoots built a studio. This initiative seems to provoke luxury brand consistent mind, Amazon has not been able to reach immediate cooperation with any one of the high-end brand.

but Amazon’s attempt is now proven to be correct. Recently, a consulting firm Cowan said an analysis report, although consumers are often the Amazon shopping platform with books, supplies and electronic products Home Furnishing linked, but according to the forecast, Amazon’s apparel business is expected to increase from the United States to occupy 5% of the total clothing market to 14% in 2015. And by 2020, Amazon will surpass Messi department store, becoming the number one online apparel retailer in the United states.


according to Cowan estimates, the value of the total commodity apparel business Amazon (GMV) in 2015 to 2020, an increase from $16 billion to $52 billion. What is the concept of the number it means that Amazon will have 34% of U.S. apparel buyers than the retail boss WAL-MART more than 2%.

luxury brands: no longer develop electricity supplier late

luxury brand negative attitude to the electricity supplier does not stop at amazon.

because our group’s attitude to the electricity supplier is to try the water, in the business on the staff did not exert too much pressure." LVMH news network reporter interviewed the person in charge of the electricity supplier business, the other said, this attitude allows us to work relatively easy."

, however, from a recent McKinsey report based on the analysis of the global 7000 luxury consumer spending habits, the attitude to test the water is only temporary, for luxury brands, the development of the electricity supplier must as early as possible.

when consumers have to pick up the phone, flock to the network, retailers are biased for the channel is bound to be reversed.


used to sniff at Chanel this year is the electricity supplier, silently in the Net-a-porter line of a group of jewelry; "

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