Jane ratio three major electricity supplier platform, payment, logistics

March 10, 2017

if not entangled in the last year of data, the electricity supplier industry after the first half of the 2012 battle, who have now first think of electric big three? From the current mainstream public opinion is generally in the big three business day Cat mall,, Jingdong mall, the three giants have their own different development in the aspect of business platform, payment and logistics system.

electronic business platform

Tmall is a complete electronic business platform, as long as the electricity supplier to do business or personal compliance with the rules of Tmall mall, shop do electricity supplier is no big problem. Due to the full opening of Tmall, making the most of the product categories on Tmall, a lot of new things are always the first time on the. Tmall platform in an attempt to build electricity supplier ecosystem, determined not to do their own, only through revenue service fee profit. But it is because Tmall platform stall is too big, too much uncertainty, so there will always be some unexpected problems. Tmall is now mainly in the maintenance of the stable development of the platform.

mainly to self mode, but in the entire Internet development environment, also recently started to develop an open platform, the implementation of "regional exclusive cooperation mechanism, that is in the same area of the same brand only choose a supplier in the open platform, the principle is the factory direct supply or regional total generation. The purpose is to reduce intermediate links, to protect the interests of customers and businesses, more important is to let consumers. This play not only directly from Tmall, to avoid direct conflict with Tmall, and can improve the quality of the platform category number in the security situation, also launched the "three free" policy to attract a large number of businesses competing settled.

Jingdong mall originally developed rapidly to grow their own model, but in the development to a certain extent, the self mode will be subject to many factors. So Jingdong launched a POP platform to accelerate the growth of the firm, the launch of this platform not only to ensure the growth rate of Jingdong, but also to accelerate the transformation of Jingdong. However, it is precisely because of the transformation of Jingdong, so that the outside world to see some of the Jingdong, Jingdong model of the open platform is bound to affect its own business, the Jingdong will not be the last Tmall


payment tool

The main payment tool

Alipay is Taobao, Taobao and Alipay in the development, now occupy half of the country to the third party payment market. Alipay is not law-abiding satisfied only as a means of payment for business transactions, but also to develop more services, such as transfers, payment, loan etc.. Due to the popularity of Alipay, many other electricity providers have chosen Alipay payment.

is easy to pay treasure payment instruments pushing, as easy to pay treasure started late and also served as the task of Suning future, so in the promotion of the dark extremely hard easy to pay treasure popularity. Recently, easy to pay treasure to officially get paid a license to pay treasure will be accompanied by the development of and >

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