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March 10, 2017

you don’t need to be a household name or a star of the mass media in order to influence other people to buy things, net red and opinion leaders are real ROI machines. In contrast, mass marketing and communication may not be the most cost-effective.


who is a friend recommended that the most effective "Amway" method? Now young people like to pay attention to the network of red and big V (influencers).

Twitter and marketing data company Annalect jointly issued a report found that in the impact of the purchase decision on this matter, and the influence of the big red V and friends around you as big. Twitter surveyed 300 users, compared the recommendation of friends and the impact of the recommendation of the network of red on them. 1/3’s people say they have at least one Vine on the Twitter and red. 56% of people said they would be affected by the recommendation of friends, and more than 49% said they were more dependent on the Internet and V. In addition, 40% of people said they had been recommended because of the big V products.

, in addition, they did an experiment to allow 500 users to read tweets from the brand and tweets. They found that while reading the network red tweets and brand tweets users purchase will be 5.2 times the original. In contrast, only read the official purchase of the brand Twitter is not reading anything 2.7 times. It seems that the search for red and big V can be used as an effective form of content marketing assistant.

because of the increase in the number of red and people’s attention to the network red, and now there are companies specializing in doing this kind of business – connect the brand and the network and Stars and (Internet). Last year Twitter bought such a company Niche. According to their data, the number of net red rose from 6000 in the past year to a total of 24 thousand people. The amount of each transaction also increased by 250%.

"you don’t need to become a celebrity or star of mass media can influence the others known to every family to buy things," Twitter Market Research Department Jeffrey Graham insight said in an interview with Adweek, "Red Net and opinion leader is the real machine ROI". In contrast, mass marketing and communication may not be the most cost-effective.

this situation in China is similar, we have reported that McDonald’s and kids theatre work before; if you focus on fashion, fashion bloggers pomegranate woman will find almost every day push will bring a "promotion" content of native advertising, there are a variety of fashion brand implantation.

advertisers hope that through the network red more accurate to find the crowd. Like all

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