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March 10, 2017

A5 webmaster network ( April 28th news, from the end of last year, there is news that the founder of the shop No. 1 just want to leave, recently there is news that has just been confirmed recently announced the departure from shop No. 1. Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of the 1 shop, said the news is just off the rumor.

has recently included CTO Han Jun, many veteran entrepreneurs have to leave, and to just leave the rumors first from WAL-MART announced the start of the 1 store and the founder holdings, or for a company of extraordinary significance.

data show that in May 2011, Ping An insurance to WAL-MART to sell its holdings of 1 stake in the 20% store at the same time, WAL-MART invested for cash equity incentive agreement No. 1 store management team and Ping An Group signed the equity purchase. October 2012 WAL-MART capital increase 1 shop, through dilution of equity, the number of stores in the management of the company and its employees accounted for only 11.8% of the shares, Ping An Insurance shares accounted for less than $36.9%, WAL-MART holdings of $51.3%.

at the beginning of this year, shop No. 1 was held in Beijing in 2014 2015 announced the results and strategic focus of the conference conference, according to data released by the end of 2014, shop No. 1 online sales of goods more than 8 million, with nearly 90 million registered users; moving more than 36 million registered users, accounting for more than 40% of orders in the 8 day of implementation; city, 166 city to achieve the next day, in the 11 city to realize the import of goods 58 yuan shipping.

After the completion of the Jingdong in the United States, Ali,

, the number 1 shop still need low-cost impulse to prove its status in the domestic electricity supplier to WAL-MART. Behind the giant support, which allows the number 1 shop launched a series of dazzling big moves: promotional war, the line entity advertising war almost never stop. In recent years, shop No. 1 is bored to impact sales of Guinness, often at a low price challenge Jingdong and other electronic business platform.

in the industry view, No. 1 stores need to prove the status of WAL-MART in the domestic electricity supplier, sales is the most intuitive performance. At present, shop No. 1, Alibaba and Jingdong not only compared with no competitiveness, including, has more than 1 stores. 1 shop in the electricity supplier war has fallen out of the second echelon.

insiders said that with the resignation of part of the 1 store executives, corporate finance and other departments have been elevated, just leave just a matter of time. In its view, WAL-MART disk 1 is not good to do, after Ali and Jingdong have been listed, the opportunity to leave the domestic platform for electricity providers have become smaller and smaller.

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