Tencent WeChat fully shielded links to share malicious fraud content

March 10, 2017


Tencent WeChat comprehensive shielding from sharing links that malicious fraud content (TechWeb pictures)

[TechWeb] reported on November 1st news, Tencent this morning to Ali’s mobile social intercourse resorted Shazhao, in the WeChat products from the dynamic share comprehensive shield. 10 am, WeChat circle of friends on the sharing of links can not be opened, the first is to install a mobile phone housekeeper Tencent users are prompted risk, and then all users are blocked access. It is reported that the fuse is to shield the event, from today to start a new round of promotional activities, the distribution of 60 million yuan double red envelopes to the users, and WeChat circle of friends has become a platform for many people to invite new users.

After the

in the circle of friends try to click on the red collar link, WeChat page, "Tencent, mobile phone housekeeper monitoring, the page may contain malicious fraud, now terminate access to the page".

insiders pointed out that the exchange in the past period of time began a large-scale promotion, hope to use the double 11 red envelopes way to further expand the download rate and activity, while mining WeChat users become the most effective way, which is caused by the Tencent’s reaction causes. (eight)

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