Wang Sicong’s panda TV open test today is not just the beta has hung up

March 10, 2017

today (October 20th) three pm national husband Wang Sicong to create the "panda TV" officially open beta, and before we know Wang Sicong with high popularity to invite a lot of star anchor sits live attract viewers, however in the beta has just begun, bear cat TV hung up, now only click into error is it because of the moment, traffic is too high to



panda TV beta also means Wang Sicong to formally enter the network broadcast industry, after a period of time after the test, finally will be open to all. A lot of people Wang Gongzai not only recruited a large number of popular anchor, panda TV more other platforms are not luxury entertainment stars, whether the admission of panda TV is able to completely change the pattern of the webcast, let us wait and see.



panda TV beta website frequently error


panda TV beta screenshots

actual home page

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