Google return to China has been a few Chinese domain name registration can not explain what

March 10, 2017


in 2015 China’s smart phone shipments accounted for 41% of global mobile phone shipments, Android system in China smartphone market share of 79.8%. Such a huge market, Google has been absent for historical reasons.

is Chinese developers to open the floodgates wide to the interview, Picha will return to Chinese expression, mobile phone manufacturers to install Google Play China subsidies Store, hand HUAWEI, we have heard too much about Google plans to enter Chinese related news or rumors.

recently, users have found that Google registered a number of Google and Play, China (China) related domain names, including:

this may be seen as another step in Google’s entry into china. Industry analysts believe that this move Google that it may soon be able to get permission to open the Google Play Store in the Chinese mainland market.

however, this may only Google domain name protection measures, to prevent other ill intentioned people registered. Domestic media found that as early as 2012, Google just quit China for two years registered,, and other 18.Cn domain name, but since then there has been no more action.

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