Group purchase website can become a real new year shuffle group purchase group purchase and Savior

March 10, 2017

local service needs to buy more than the ability to support small and medium groups less than

2011 is a big year for the development of the group, but also the industry is uncertain year. After experiencing the explosive growth of the battle of thousands of groups and the collapse of the peak, buy site in 2012 and did not usher in the real spring. In the first round of the survival of the group to buy the site did not weaken the intensity of competition. Especially small group purchase website, in the face of large group purchase website competition at the same time, to the real B2C, deep vertical industry segments, explore a new model, a new round of reshuffle, is likely to have a number of group purchase website.

According to the

group purchase navigation site 800 statistics, the domestic group purchase website, from the local service class of the original business into a real class group purchase express class group purchase ratio from 22% last year rose to the current nearly 50%. By the local service to real B2C is an industry group purchase winter capital, one of the main ways to change to survive the small group purchase website. However, small and medium sites turned to physical B2C, not the saturation of local service demand, on the contrary, the demand for local services is still very strong demand. Relevant data show that the domestic market last year, the total sales volume of over 11 billion yuan in order to catering, entertainment, life and other services based on the total sales of local products of $7 billion 830 million, accounting for more than 71%. Local demand for all types of merchants also did not weaken. Under such circumstances, a large number of sites to escape the local service market, the main reason is the lack of capacity to support the operation of the local service class.


O2O mode localization is becoming a trend, but to demand high-quality local businesses, they need high cost support, a lot of the transformation of small and medium-sized group purchase, local service competition is too fierce, large group purchase website holding the main resources, even small sites can share part of the resources, it is difficult to sustain high cost operation. High quality local businesses to large buy site tilt is also another reason for small and medium-sized group can not get access to quality resources. When you choose to buy the site, the local quality merchants first consideration is a large group buying site, even if you have the ability to operate, local businesses for small and medium buyers trust at a low level. So the formation of a vicious circle, small and medium group can not buy a foothold in the local service, most of the site or transformation, or has closed down or there is a risk of collapse.

kind of group purchase logistics into small group purchase to handle


according to statistics, in 2012 there have been more than a hundred buy site to buy in kind. Main kind of buy site in the last year, the proportion is still below 30%, and this year the latest data show that more than 50%. Cosmetics, baby supplies, food, photography and other industries is the real group purchase hot area, and some small group purchase website itself is a real business shop came back to the old bank is relatively easy. Transformation of B2C in the field of physical buy, not in this area compared with the local service group, have greater advantages and potential. On the other hand, >

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