Web site posted ray recruitment information users to expand human flesh search

March 10, 2017

the evening of February 3rd, the recruitment of Sichuan · Chengdu recruitment online published a three Beijing Ling Foundation Technology Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the three Ling company) assistant manager of information, one can accept the recruitment requirements for "become a manager of temporary partner". The next day, the recruitment of information over a network, was friends known as "the most shocking history of advertisement". Then there are users to expand the human flesh search, announced the real identity of the recruitment of mr.. Yesterday, Mr. Shi said that the matter is someone stole his account for spoof, he has sent a letter to the lawyer and the relevant website and media. At present, the recruitment website has been reproduced from Sichuan ·, Chengdu recruitment network recruitment; published apology, and change the recruitment information audit procedures.

web site posted ray Recruitment Information

on the evening of February 3rd, in Sichuan to recruit · Chengdu recruitment online, a recruitment information to attract the attention of users.

this recruitment information is called three ridge company Chengdu office to recruit an assistant manager. The information requirements, candidates for 19-25 years old women, good image temperament, technical secondary school, can adapt to travel, there is a requirement to be able to become a temporary partner manager".

recruitment notice on the recruitment of the contact information, three ridge company in Beijing, such as the address and information.

this is a recruitment information on the Internet users will be screenshots posted in various forums, soon became the horizon, forum hot posts. Netizens have questioned the behavior of the recruitment of information issued a strong challenge. Some netizens joked that it is the history of the most ray recruitment notice".

users launched human flesh search

in the recruitment notice in the process of online communication, there are users began to publish information on the recruitment of human flesh search.

"is really fake, it looks like it’s true from the release." "What company is so naked?" Some netizens wonder is not for gospel truth, "temporary" and "companion" instead of "sex"? At the same time, there are still many three pound ridge shitticism. network users then the recruitment information contact "Mr. Shi" human flesh search, soon Mr. Shi’s real name, QQ number, QQ space, date of birth and other information is disclosed. Three ridge company’s website also has a message, accusing the company of behavior.

said the person was spoof

yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted mr.. Mr. Shi said he was the head of the company’s recruitment department, they are "spoof"".

he said, the morning of February 4th, he received the phone, do not know how, check the Internet to find such a "outrageous" message. He said that in October 2008, when he was on a business trip to Chengdu, he was registered in Chengdu, an Internet cafe to recruit &m> in Sichuan

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