The first porn fraud cracked

March 10, 2017

In order to cheat money, Liu Mousheng use their mastery of the network technology, released a large number of pornographic exposure beauty sex photos on the Internet advertising, to attract Internet users secret registered users, to profit from, eventually arrested. In May 10th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau after careful investigation, successfully cracked the city’s first case of pornographic Web defrauding mobile phone registration fee cases using the Internet website, and arrested the suspect Liu Mousheng, seized the crime of a host computer.

at the beginning of April, the City Public Information Network Security Supervision Bureau of public security police found in their daily work, some people use SMS Union and false passion movie website joint cheat users mobile phone charges. After obtaining the case information, Longyan police attaches great importance to the police immediately organized to carry out detective work on the case. After preliminary investigation, the police found 16 suspects involved in the website, released a large number of pornographic exposure beauty sex pictures and animation advertising, with the temptation of the language to attract Internet users to open their website, Internet users through secret channels and registration requirements for the registration of mobile phone, mobile phone users to defraud registration fee. After obtaining a large number of criminal evidence, the police decided to arrest the timely launch, as soon as possible to eliminate social impact. The morning of May 10th, according to the results of a preliminary investigation, the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security department and Xinluo branch network Bianco act together and arrested the suspect Liu Mousheng in the Xinluo District, a computer company, and on the spot of crime seized a host computer. At present, the suspect Liu Mousheng has been jingfangxingju, the case is under further investigation. (author: Zhang Chunbo,)

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