Why enterprise communication software in China do not

March 10, 2017

just last month, Facebook launched a software Workplace, the three Line popular in Japan and South Korea also announced the Japanese companies to enter the telecommunications market; the acquisition of leading British heat is not scattered, and Microsoft’s Skype teams announced at the end of October will be released in early November. With the gradual saturation of the personal communications market, corporate communications will undoubtedly become a big cake, these individuals are big social class involved.


domestic BAT also reacted quickly, Tencent has WeChat enterprise number and enterprise version of WeChat; Ali’s focus on corporate users nail. But in the Chinese workplace, whether foreign or local predators led the British workplace social tenderness, all basically is the development of weak, tenderness also relying on workplace gossip and bleak day. Even as strong as Ali, under the banner of the nail development is just passable, before completely reach the goal of replacing WeChat. Why enterprise communications software in China do not

The change of enterprise communication under the new situation of

in most companies, although many leaders accustomed to discussing the problem in WeChat group, but the employees will further docking by e-mail, e-mail is still the main channel of official communication. The Internet Education China entrepreneurs on flat management now, but the real operation logic is still the old way of bureaucracy, and e-mail is the enterprise internal information communication channels and the bureaucratic system, which ensure that the company’s information distribution and transfer in accordance with the position.

, regardless of the enterprise WeChat or nails, although improving the efficiency of information transmission, but did not change the true pattern of the flow of information within the enterprise, a variety of WeChat group is just a variant of the mail group. E-mail or eventually from the office of the main channel of communication into an auxiliary way, in the past the layers of communication, step by step feedback communication is also difficult to adapt to the new situation.

market competition is changing from a protracted war mode to a blitz mode. Step by step, the loss of the Amazon in China is marginalized, to a large extent, with foreign powers, decision-making is not unrelated. In time, there is no way to e-mail and instant messaging tools mentioned in the same breath, so WeChat has gradually become a mix of work and life and caused a huge monster, the famous Zhang Xiaolong said concerns. But WeChat is clearly unable to play a perfect role in the work of communication software, otherwise there will be no corporate version of WeChat and WeChat enterprise number appears.

entrepreneurs are desperately looking for WeChat’s short board and pain points, trying to provide a more suitable tool for the use of communication tools in the workplace. Nail there within the news group does not answer to SMS phone again, trying to solve the problem of employee boss supervision; another location in the elite crowd occupation communication IM software is introduced chotion, point-to-point encryption and burn after reading, trying to solve the inter user chat privacy issues. At the same time support the Linux system to try.

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