Electricity supplier shopping guide website was suppressed to promote the cost of Taobao high risk

March 11, 2017



for the beautiful mogujie.com, its development environment has undergone new changes (Tencent technology plan)

technology Tencent reported in September 19th Joe

spring is to feel the chill. There are indications that the electricity supplier shopping guide website hot situation or will encounter cruel challenges.

the past two years, the beautiful said, mogujie.com as the representative, the electricity supplier shopping guide website has become a popular Internet phenomenon China rush. This combination of two modes of social and commercial sites, create a concept quite tempting Imagination: screening of social sharing, interest analysis and content based on it can help users to greatly reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of the shopping search site, at the same time, through the electricity sales revenue directly into.

but in essence, the electricity supplier shopping guide website has not yet detached from the most basic business model of China’s Internet: low flow to buy high sell. Its traffic is highly dependent on search engines, social media and other sources of revenue and a high degree of dependence on the retail business platform giant Taobao. It is clear that the site regardless of traffic and revenue which end problems, will undermine the normal operation of this model.

because of this, Taobao in recent months to convey the information to make these electricity supplier shopping guide website is extremely disturbing.

sources to Tencent technology revealed that in May this year, the Alibaba founder Jack Ma said in an internal meeting published several principles for the electricity supplier shopping guide, rebate websites: first, do not support the upstream shopping guide website continues to expand, Ali traffic entrance should be grassland instead of forests; second, can cooperate with different industry chain and try not to trade cooperation; third, does not support the rebate website.

Ma Yun ever made the comment of Alibaba has not been officially confirmed, but apparently not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The delicate long electricity supplier shopping guide website and Taobao relationship revealed, mogujie.com partner, CMO Li Yanzhu earlier in the interview had publicly said: "mogujie.com and Taobao are very nervous, because no one wants to have a river, and quite large." Taobao business unit, the head of the social electricity supplier Li Jie also said that Taobao hopes to have 10 thousand upstream mogujie.com, that is, do not want a few sites bigger.

in fact, before the legendary Ma internal speech, Taobao alliance has adjusted some policies, among them the most important one is not to allow third parties to provide goods in the Taobao Taobao guest website to the user station search function.

appears on the surface, the policy adjustment is to avoid the API call too much, the user can not see the picture when visiting Taobao. But the outside world will signal this as Taobao began to blow and the electricity supplier shopping guide rebate websites.

industry insiders believe that the interpretation of the science and technology of Tencent, Taobao, the user is in the station to complete the search behavior rather than >

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