The four portal Sike micro-blog users compete for Zhang Zhaoyang to play stereo war upgrade

March 11, 2017

In 2010, micro-blog market by four 2011, the fire will be fully open.

"also has a successful portal and powerful social media, Sina as the one and only." Cao Guowei, chief executive officer and President of sina, said micro-blog represents the development trend of the Internet, is the perfect combination of mobile terminals and social networks, mobile Internet era is one of the killer applications.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned from Sina, general manager Cao Guowei personally served as Sina micro-blog, his task is to make Sina to maintain advantages in the field of micro-blog.

in previously, there is news that sina has set up a dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. (China) and Beijing micro dream Techtronic Network Technology Co., Ltd., independent capital operation.

has always been reclusive Ding Lei also appeared for the promotion of micro-blog NetEase. Ding Lei said the day before, micro-blog will become the key products of NetEase in 2011. Not long ago, micro-blog launched a NetEase is different from the Sohu micro-blog celebrity "I Master" campaign plan.

Although the average

in the entertainment industry by virtue of years of accumulation and network advantages, Sohu, micro-blog began to force from the star. Initially just two weeks, Zhao Benshan, Jet Li, Liu Ye and other domestic first-line stars have opened Sohu micro-blog. The group effect among celebrities, Sohu users quickly pulled up. Zhang Zhaoyang said, since (2010) since the beginning of November, Sohu micro-blog users grew by 3 times."

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