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March 11, 2017

Hunan satellite TV "independent broadcast" chess


is not good, don’t", "the most garbage video software", since April 30th, Hunan satellite TV’s video playback software in App Store mango TV ushered in a wave of criticism and the tide, Hunan TV recently "action" is closely related.

the evening of May 8th, Hunan radio and TV station Lv Huanbin announced that in the future, Hunan satellite TV has made a complete program of intellectual property, will be broadcast only by mango TV, Internet copyright never distribution, to build their own Internet video platform. The entire Hunan radio and television stations all channels of the program, absolutely not allowed to cooperate with the new media outside."

coincidentally, Anhui satellite TV has announced the related media and Anhui radio and Television Department and the company signed the name "I mad song" second quarter copyright transfer contract and other copyright contracts involving "I mad song" the relevant provisions are regarded as invalid. "I am mad for the song" the second season program video, the copyright belongs to the Anhui radio and television station all, without the written authorization, each broadcast television station and the website cannot broadcast without authorization. Otherwise it will be regarded as infringement. And this year’s World Cup, CCTV is not open to the right to broadcast any video site, there is news that Zhejiang satellite TV, Jiangsu satellite TV are likely to follow up.

many people in the industry said that this marks the TV platform has been launched to defend "program copyright" and "living room ratings" campaign, copyright cooperation between next video websites and TV will usher in a new pattern.

it is understood that the launch of the independent broadcast of the first shot of Hunan TV actually contains a more long-term planning.

in April this year, Hunan TV Golden Eagle network and mango TV integration of the two platforms revision, launched a new mango TV online video platform, and Hunan satellite TV TV domain From the "flowers and young", "sing Senki" "Metamorphosis", the eighth season several new show started, it will no longer distribute to video sites. In the future, the whole mango TV platform is not limited to homemade mango program, there will be more television series, hope to achieve the integration of multiple high-quality, exclusive content, continue to build mango features, cultivate customer loyalty viewing and browsing habits.

according to its CEO Zhang Ruobo said in an interview, Hunan satellite TV’s exclusive broadcast strategy as early as the end of last year began brewing. Next year, Hunan satellite TV all the programs are in mango TV broadcast alone, mango TV also strive to achieve the level of first-line video sites within two or three years.

Zhang Ruobo said, flowers and young in the mango TV alone broadcast two times, mango TV site traffic has been several times higher, the current PC end has about 3000000 daily active users.

video site bleeding?

relative to the Hunan satellite TV’s menacing and resolute attitude, the video site is relatively easy. >

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