Come up with a million yuan to win the development of your needs to become a reality

March 11, 2017

      your approval as power easy to grow, your satisfaction is our aim, to make your demand for the product directly to the product development team, directly put on the upgrading of reference agenda, let us communicate more convenient and more smoothly, make our products more perfect. Now the special launch of our development together to make your needs to become a reality, large easy to think of the proposed system upgrade activities".

a, activity mode:

1. upgrade proposal: forum to open a special topic to receive the new version of the function of the proposed system (all users can participate in the forum).

easy to product stand: http://s.www1.changehope.com

2. suggested topic address:

easy business network: http://s.bbs.changehope.com/showtopic-16377.aspx

easy to mall: http://s.bbs.changehope.com/showtopic-16378.aspx

easy to multi-user Mall: http://s.bbs.changehope.com/showtopic-16379.aspx

easy to think real estate network: http://s.bbs.changehope.com/showtopic-16380.aspx

easy Talent Network: http://s.bbs.changehope.com/showtopic-16381.aspx

two, activity time:
1. upgrade recommended time: (June 21, 2008 to August 21, 2008)

2. award-winning information release time: easy to think of the next release of the system after a week. (specific system update release time and version number recently announced)

3. prizes release time: within one week from the date of the announcement of the award information, expired not deemed as an automatic waiver.

three, activity rules:

1. new features suggested, please specify the detailed functional description, if there is a sample picture is best attached screenshot.

2. similar recommendations are treated as the same proposal, and the same recommendation is based on the release time.

3. upgrade function to the forum for the proposed statistical ID identification method for the publisher, in order to win the accuracy of statistics, please do not use multiple ID release information.

four,               selection method:

1. activities during each Friday summary statistics and related information published in the forum layout, to be upgraded according to the statistical results of planning implementation.


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