The spring of 6 popular events the domain name gold well

March 11, 2017

every place, every song, every name…… Often is pregnant with the opportunity, you have the rich money "piercing eye mining"? Recently, popular events at home and abroad, to attract a large number of users eyes, m friends are very hard, these popular events under the popular domain name, to take this opportunity to earn traffic greatly.

Valentine’s Day gift to buy digital

rejoice love language domain name


after the Spring Festival this year, the most romantic holiday ahead for head is Valentine’s day in February 14th, the Department of Procter & Gamble rejoice brand for this Valentine’s day but under the foot, independent enable digital domain name launched a Valentine’s Day confession platform, then is more generous to advertise on, the heart of the foot. Figure 5201314 homonym for "I love you", loving, the domain name registered in 2002, is the acquisition of other suffixes rejoice, is to be registered. At the same time, Valentine’s day, is in the industry a digital homophonic "love language" domain name, such as, etc..

NBA star Jeremy Lin name domain name was registered


recently, sports industry on the 2011-2012 NBA regular season most attention, NBA basketball star Jeremy Lin (Jeremy Shu-How Lin) burst of red, 0.5 seconds lore makes Nicks super reverse attack 6 straight, NBA in the first 4 games as a starter for the total score (109 points) the highest player, the Jeremy Lin name in domain name registration.,, boom, and Jeremy Lin.Com have been registered the domain name, what is more, the earlier last year will be the first successful application of Jeremy Lin the name "JeremySHL" trademark.

Apple iPad trademark war provoke Facebook big action


recently, the Apple Corp in China with iPad trademark infringement lawsuit, the domestic is made after the day before Apple raise a Babel of criticism of, against the first instance, to the next frame processing area China iPad products, iPad will be forced to rename? IPad related domain caused great concern. Currently includes, the other 25 English letters and pad combined with the domain name, such as,,,,,, etc. are registered by others. The apple iPad Facebook is warning, immediate action, preventive measures, successfully applied in the domestic contains "face", "flying Book Bo.

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