Hong Yi domestic station com mainstream CN marginalization has no end

March 11, 2017

recently, one of my friends said that he wanted to be a site of his hometown, the domain name to use "**ren.cn", because the domain name has not been registered, asked if I could help him to do the record, he said he understood, now affiliated to the CN domain name registration, can be registered to the company the name of the site, and now a lot of trouble.

I told him, since the new policy implementation of the CNNIC CN domain name, I have a long time not to do, but as far as I know, although individual newly registered CN domain name is not allowed in theory but in fact, in 22, renamed Chinese domain website, as long as the submitted personal ID scan personal data, or by "principal" registration registered to the CN domain name. However, considering that CNNIC is in the CN domain name policy depressed practice, CN domain name for personal webmaster do stand value already lost, and now everyone agreed, with CN station is for com to work, with the uplift of the prefix com value, the final site to do, or not to open around com, as the site for the record, according to the provisions of CNNIC is to allow individuals to make the site, but now the individual to record basically is a joke, most of them are commissioned by the space service providers to fix such things. Later, I asked him, why not buy "**ren.com"? He said, asking too much, can not afford to buy.

these two days to think, this dialogue is very typical, the above dialogue, contains the following information:

1, originally com is king, because the CNNIC domain name policy, Com is now more and more marginalized mainstream cn.

2, from the register, between CN and com is not equal, CNNIC set up registration more barriers to CN, while the com is registered to comply with international regulations, a difficult one, so com in China can be popular, still rely on CNNIC artificially put people to catch com.

3 and CNNIC CN domain since the new deal personal station is to raise the threshold, look for the good, because of a CCTV exposure, CNNIC standard domestic domain name market and website management, the worst, CNNIC also depressed individuals station market.

4, since the new domain name CNNIC CN, CN registered ownership has been reduced from the 13 million to the 3 million, such a result, what about the development and prosperity of CN?

so, together, CNNIC approach objectively played the role of playing cn com. So far, the swing of the CN domain name policy farce has been in the past so long, and CNNIC did not come up with the latest policy push CN domain name, people can not help but wonder whether it really shoulder the responsibility to promote the domain name cn.

there are a few points:


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