Since the media are the exchange of the medieval period, how to treat and a Phoenix

March 11, 2017

from the media can be understood as the new media, after a few years of barbaric growth, now no matter from the platform attribute, or from the content creation it has stepped into the middle stage of development, Mr. head called from the media in the middle ages". According to media reports, November 15, 2016, Phoenix and ifeng.com announced a number of common content. Simply say that the Phoenix and a little information can share their content distribution channels, after the powerful combination, called China’s largest flow from the media platform. In the end after the integration of Phoenix and a dot will become what we need to pay attention to, regardless of, but as people from the media is your own change when facing the development of the platform in the end how to choose, this is the most important.


first, easier to implement the platform to produce high-quality content

originally, since the media circle discussion is probably the most traffic, Bibi home as to which flow; but now more people are discussing which gains more. Since the media as a "big brother" of today’s headlines are likely to be the first to let Mr. head generate considerable revenue in the first from the media platform. Although the media platform from the other, Mr. head has been hard work, but the circle of people most discussed or today’s headlines. Why? Because someone really gets a lot of money from scratch.


With the development of

and the concept of the Internet constantly popular, people have not the kind of authority in the platform to send an article can happy day time now since the media people may pay more attention to the platform’s realization ability. Because the platform as a product, since the media as a person is a need for profit. So, in the eyes of the first sir, Phoenix and a dot to achieve interoperability is good, but also need to "cash" ability to let the media creators see more affordable.

second, the future of media content in the form of more inclined to short video

content from the media originated in the text and pictures, but now it is hot in the video. With the development of science and technology, Internet product innovation, the most fundamental logic is in human nature to lazy. For example, when reading is the same, people prefer to listen to, like to see, rather than reading. Too many words, see a headache, this is the first reaction of the modern face of long-drawn and tedious documents. So in view of this, since the media should create more audio-visual content to cater to the audience, after all, the content of the consumers are people.

similarly is also important for the platform, pure text reading aesthetic fatigue will give users irreparable, so the platform also needs in the video content management and technical realization spend more effort. Moreover, now 4G, WiFi technology so developed, really interesting content, the audience will not care so much

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