Dongsheng decryption how do not spend money to do network marketing

March 11, 2017

mobile Internet era, with the popularity of smart phones, there are about 600 million people in China have a mobile phone, which is a huge group for the development of micro business laid a material foundation. It is because of these conditions are ripe, the birth of a micro business, so that the micro business in the beginning of the birth has been able to have a huge vitality, is still full of vitality. Thus, the most essential thing is the mobile internet".

We can think of the

China has approximately 600 million people, faced with such a huge market, the micro business sellers have much market? Although we hate those micro business sellers, but there are still a lot of people to do, and do a good job, the income is high, the most fundamental reason is that he accounted for a channel advantage and People are hurrying to and fro. inside this channel, a lot of traffic.

mobile Internet era, how to do network marketing it?

I personally believe that the key to the mobile Internet era is how to establish a channel associated with customers. Now, a lot of mobile Internet starting point is from the point of view of people, whether it is micro-blog, WeChat, if the basic point of the "people" do not catch up, many places can only see the phenomenon, see essence.

so many people now see the mobile Internet is coming, many people go to micro-blog, WeChat, micro-blog and micro-blog to do when the fire, later found that micro-blog didn’t fire, do WeChat, made a half of WeChat, to find out what method, and now has to do that, finally found that ride it, what have not been.

the most essential thing in the end use of these things to do what, what to do with the use of WeChat, micro-blog what to do in the mobile Internet era, the development of your enterprise can have what kind of help.

I think whether it is business or personal, can use the new media now do what is more than WeChat, WeChat is on the one hand, so for the new media, for new things I also used the technology and product ideas in doing some research, rather than just collect some cases, I used to think some cases of copying others, but later found not a case is to be copied, there is absolutely No.

This time we

to advocate these cases, in addition to let everyone excited about, pay attention to the outside, we still do not know what to do. The problem I want to solve is how to do, as I mentioned above, these ideas, so we Puri Network Marketing Institute later summed up a set of practical tutorials with nature.

in March to our network marketing institute Puri VIP member to tell the set of courses, your response is very good, including some particularly good to do some of their own come with us to communicate, they this one person in charge of the evaluation is also very high, you have to let us give them what I do on behalf of the operators. Say we do not, we only focus on some research, we will meet some accounts do some actual adaptation and operation "

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