Su Ningyun’s COO shelling Beijing Teng plan WeChat Jingdong drainage is fallen

March 11, 2017

[TechWeb] October 29th news reports, launched the "Ping Beijing campaign" Su ningyun COO Hou Enlong to visit Beijing to supervise, "Jing Teng plan" WeChat Jingdong opens up a level entrance and even do 11 days of advertising cooperation, in the WeChat circle of friends Hou Enlong think, "this is the biggest damage is so good for WeChat social product".

‘s Su Ningyun COO shelling "Beijing Teng plan": WeChat Jingdong drainage is fallen

Hou Enlong pointed out, I really admire the Tencent can develop such a good social platform WeChat, but the Beijing plan to make WeChat advertising exports, is a manifestation of the fall." He made it clear that the Jingdong and benchmarking not only "double 11", but in three years time, to wear down opponents through the logistics cost, cash flow.

it is reported that Ali and Suning marriage, Suning logistics has been opened in Beijing and other cities with Ali’s rookie logistics, Ali platform part of the goods will be Suning responsible for distribution. At the same time, in the rural market, Suning Tesco built service station will be with ALI village Amoy interact.

Jingdong is pulled to the Tencent platform, dished out the "Beijing Teng plan" push "social + electricity" mode, the Jingdong joint major brands in the WeChat circle of friends for 11 days in advertising and marketing activities of "double 11" period.

Hou Enlong believes that the future electricity supplier is to fight the logistics costs, who can control the logistics costs in two points to win. It is reported that relying on the previously established warehousing and distribution system, Suning has set up a separate logistics company.

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