Network promotion is not to win

March 11, 2017

in order to develop in the network, it is necessary to promote the network. However, many people always think, do network promotion is certainly more and more promotion. However, is this really the case today, the combination of these days, and we talk about this issue.


a few days ago, I tested a WeChat forward to make money small projects, but also successfully raised 60 yuan. In order to practice this small project, I made a WeChat trumpet, then use a lot of methods for the WeChat people, now that WeChat has more than 1 thousand people.

my wife has always wanted me to teach her how to use the Internet to make money, I put the WeChat to her, let her get this WeChat post to make money. And I taught her how to do it, and I gave it to every detail.

For example: mobile phone

every morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening near the open with a shake, open to people, this time to release a forwarding an article, a maximum of three articles forwarded.

finished saying, I thought my wife have to remember, but these days I found his wife forwarded too many articles, each time is three articles. I said to her, a maximum of three articles forwarded, if there is no good article on the line.

, however, she still did not remember what I said, or in accordance with their own ideas forward three articles. Perhaps she believes that the release of more people to see more money to earn more. But she did not know, it is possible to send a few articles because he was pulled black.

sometimes you may not pay much attention, for example, the morning is generally not how many people play WeChat, you made three, the morning of the time how many people did not play WeChat, you are three, noon before someone play WeChat, because of work, this is the 9 information.

Not everyone in the WeChat

there are so many friends, I mainly do the marketing of WeChat has more than 1 thousand people, do not like the other network, a WeChat can have dozens of people on the good, because they do not add strangers, WeChat are relatives, friends. So, you may be able to brush these 9 messages his circle of friends.

later I told my wife, every morning, noon, evening, a message sent on the line, we would rather not send so much, do not amount to win, to win the quality. Many people earn money, will only make things worse.


fans are finally together, a few days, dozens of years, months, cumulative. So, we should learn to cherish, don’t take a few months to a sudden hard Calais fans did not get.

my main micro signal is like this, I am very busy every day, do not have so much time to see the ads, even if it is not advertising, more than three articles to see I will be disgusted, and some will give the shield. So, are you being pulled

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