Shenzhen electricity supplier is now the first wave of closures 60% enterprises registered within 3

March 11, 2017



e-commerce has bid farewell to do a website, buy a Baidu PPC era. C FP for map

in mid August, Shenzhen Huaqiang North, a mobile phone industry and electronic commerce website quietly closed. The person in charge Mr. Hu told reporters, to do business mainly upstream manufacturers direct the development of electronic commerce, they make these middlemen unprofitable. Since July, I have three mobile phone business to do B2C close the site."

and the Shenzhen e-commerce industry association data show that the 3700 e-commerce companies registered operations, nearly bankrupt last year, accounting for the registered number of 13.5%.

Chairman of the board of director,

Chinese Association of e-commerce network marketing center Shenzhen single Jen information group single Jen said that the transformation of traditional enterprises have network marketing and produce catfish effect, will be the lack of electronic commerce website based traditional business out of the market. As more and more traditional companies have B2C net, the collapse of the wave will be more violent.

30% e-commerce companies registered in the year of the dead

from the Shenzhen e-commerce industry association data show that as of the end of last year, Shenzhen registered e-commerce companies reached 3700, and last year’s collapse or transformation of e-commerce companies close to 500. This year, Shenzhen e-commerce sites closed than last year increased by." Insiders told reporters in Nandu.

Shenzhen E-Commerce Association Secretary General Gao Shenghan revealed that only about 20% of e-commerce enterprises in Shenzhen can be flat or profitable, the fate of its face, and the traditional business is not much difference. Statistics show that 30% of e-commerce companies registered in Shenzhen will die that year, after the registration of the enterprise in the year after the death of 30%, only less than 40% of enterprises can survive.

Hard behind

B2C, is to strengthen the traditional enterprise ocs. China’s e-commerce has been based on the basic network, platforms, tools, building, popularity accumulation, into the scale of the application stage. Who first application, who will benefit. 2009 -2013 is the best window of opportunity for the rise of small and medium enterprises network." Known as the Chinese network marketing godfather, said the single Jen, with brands, capital, talent and channel advantages of the giant enterprise once the overall network, the opportunity window of the traditional small and medium enterprises turned off.

traditional enterprises are facing an urgent transition network transformation, no force, destined to be quickly defeated by emerging network companies." Jen said that in the next ten years of global business competition, the site, rather than office buildings, will become the most important symbol of a global enterprise and the most important asset.

talent and concept is still the two largest short board

for the majority of small and medium enterprises, to truly grasp the network camp >

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