Micro Amoy – micro-blog after another platform for grassroots Entrepreneurship

March 11, 2017

April 12th, Taobao wireless is very low-key release of this year’s most important new product – micro amoy. At present, the micro Amoy can be accessed through the phone page, the phone Taobao client, iPhone client access in three ways.

SNS has always been Taobao do not really want to do things, before the push, stubborn rabbit, Taobao did not do it, and now, Taobao put SNS on the micro amoy. I have the honor to get the micro Amoy beta invitation code, and running for 10 days, now to talk about the development potential of the micro amoy.

micro Amoy online account every day can only send three content, the content must contain the picture text, and by the second artificial audit can pushed to the fans, the fans attention micro Amoy account after you can see the content transmitted like micro-blog.


micro Amoy content can add Taobao shopping link

Because now

micro Amoy in the online stage, only a handful of people get an invitation code, I also have the chance to get an invitation code, operating the micro Amoy account "South Korea smecta, every day after editing the release of high quality content, now the number of fans reached 70 thousand, and the daily amount to nearly ten thousand in growth. The micro Amoy account can only recommend attention, so now is the time for fans of the fastest growth, after the beta can all registered micro Amoy public number, fans certainly slow growth.



believe that many people in the micro Amoy beta after the first time to join the micro Amoy, here I give you some advice:

micro Amoy operation

1, micro Amoy name prominent theme. I am now micro Amoy account operation is the "South Korea Smecta", can be seen from the name of the main Korea style is recommended. A good record and highlight the characteristics of the micro Amoy account is the beginning of success.

2, high quality push content. The second requirement of micro Amoy public release content must be original information of high quality, so the operator must have certain editing knowledge, good content is the key operation.

3, interact with fans. Micro Amoy can not chat with the fans, the future will increase the voice chat and other functions, through the interaction can effectively increase the viscosity of fans.

summary: Micro Amoy is a very promising wireless products, missed the micro-blog friends can prepare to enter the micro amoy. Article from: http://s.zhangguiwo.com/news/taobao/1834.html reproduced please specify the source (



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