Local talent network is how to go beyond a competitor

March 11, 2017

Changde talent market is not good to do, we use Baidu Search know that Changde has several large relatively strong talent to enter the site, really hard, in hand for a long time, has been made ready by the end of 2009 talent network, decided to try to enter the talent market in Changde.

From the determined

web application to on-line fix for a week, the most important is the beginning of publicity, how to attract enterprises to publish recruitment information, the first is most early talent website will be used is to play free card, free of charge for the implementation of a comprehensive stationed in enterprises, due to the later development can not be pre free, late then the charge for the enterprise, so that enterprises don’t feel good, so I decided the direction of the site is for enterprise free life, our route is advertising fees, and whether it is free to publish recruitment information of the enterprises or advertising enterprises, we will tell him clearly, we are absolutely fair, but not charged recruitment fees.

the first step is to pull the company to publish Recruitment Information

1 record companies released the recruitment information in other personnel online mailbox number, and then they send one to one message, reminding them to choose our products can release recruitment information, and is free, this still have certain effect, although they may seem to be in and grab customers, but we are also good for business, we is free, the enterprise also to publish a recruitment information, it is no loss to their right.

2 record the QQ number of business contacts, and then chat with them, to understand their needs, timely mention of their talent network.

second steps of the network is to do a good job of reverse links I usually do the following.

1 competitive analysis: the first step in reverse acquisition is to analyze what competitors are doing and the source of the reverse link. Use YAHOO’s search browser tool to determine the site’s top competition for each reverse link. All sites have a list of links to your competitor’s website. Not in accordance with the independent master list of links. Arrange them in descending order of their pr. Once you have a list of such sites that can provide you with a reverse link, you have your source and need to tap for your site as well as inbound links.

2 submission Site Directory: although it is not as popular as it used to be, it is still very necessary. Submit your website URL to the general and special directory. Links from niche directories are much more valuable. Do not submit hundreds of directories in a day, but about this consistent and slow way to gradually turn to avoid Google’s suspicion.

3 submission Article Directory: one of the most effective technologies, not only to establish a reverse but also increase pension plans. The article also proposes to establish the reputation of the website.

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