3B Robin Li Zhou Hongyi, the first World War battle enemies feud

March 11, 2017

launched a search engine over ten days, Zhou Hongyi gains a small Qihoo 360. According to Hitwise data show the third party company, as of August 26th, 360, Baidu, Google, Sogou, SOSO Tencent share were 56.44%, 10.22%, 7.54%, 7.14%, 4.72%. August 15th, 360 search on-line (before August 16th), its share of order of 62.1%, 0, 10.1%, 7.8%, 5.3%.

360 search turned out, China instantly change the search pattern.

ranked first Baidu was the most affected. The evening of August 28th, the two sides by the night attack, Baidu massive counter 360 to 360 with the flow forced to jump to the Baidu home page; 360 subsequently responded, the site navigation in the search box of Baidu products are removed, at the same time, 360 of the user search, click from Baidu search results will be directly brought to the "snapshot".

Qihoo 360 launched a search engine, and Baidu will fire industry dubbed the "3B war", "war in August 29th is 3B first confrontation". Easou CEO Wang Xi in an interview analysis, and 3Q war "one of two", a play different, 3B war will be "protracted war scraping knife meat type.

newspaper reporter interviewed by the Baidu public relations and 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi. Baidu believes that the 360 integrated search "intercept search results and then delete the selection" approach "is facing two charges of unfair competition law and violation of legal database", do not rule out the use of legal means to defend the rights of.

360: how will react? How to counter Baidu again? What will the outcome of the war? Wang Xi predicted this protracted war "will affect the China pattern of the Internet, not months but years.

four battle

this is the two game fourth, Robin Li Zhou Hongyi, the two chiefs is Tim enemies feud.

the two sides first met in 2003, when Baidu has a product called Baidu Souba, Zhou Hongyi CEO Yahoo China has a product called YAHOO assistant (formerly 3721 Internet assistant), both to their service recommendation based on browser, Baidu recommended Baidu search, recommendation 3721 network name. In order to seize the 3721 browser, Baidu took the lead, uninstall uninstall YAHOO Baidu Souba, not resigned to playing second fiddle, assistant. This war has created two first: Chinese users first encounter "one of two", but the user does not have the choice, the winner is left, savage far beyond the extent of the later 3Q war; the first "Russo Japanese War" China Internet domain, namely to the user’s computer to the battlefield of the war.

the day of the degree of excitement, much higher than the subsequent 3Q war, just because the number of Internet users is not much, the impact of the Internet today less

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