The service should be intimate and not just a show

March 14, 2017

is now a lot of service places, we see a lot of staff dressed, they will think that the local service should be very good, but only their own experience, really feel. Go to the hotel for my friends birthday, bought a big cake. When I approached the gate of the hotel, through the transparent rubber curtain, in order to see the door stood seven or eight attendants, dress uniform, tall stature. My hand carrying a cake, a hand carrying drinks, plus hand keys, head, shoulder, elbow and crumpled, almost, is precisely the "arch" door curtain, several waiters do stand, smiling, sweet voice: "Welcome!"

I took one look at them, carrying things go to the bar, set meals, told the bartender suggested: "we so much the waiter greeted at the door of the individual for the guests take things or pick the curtain." Beautiful bar service young lady saw my one eye: "if your cake is broken, how to do?" I was surprised, consciously shut up, to mention something upstairs.

took two steps, the bar Miss yell at me, turned out to be going in the opposite direction, a floor manager white-collar black suit is leading me to the right direction, and I turned around, only to see a figure, blame yourself and really look at the road to talk, Qujingtongyou, had to chase the shout: in what? There is a voice response here! Then I saw a flash. My hands into the maze of bag look around, finally found the meals, black suit already disappear without a trace.

What is the

service? Service products, like other tangible products, also emphasize the need to meet the needs of different consumers. Like the restaurant waiter arranged some decorations at the door, turn a blind eye to the customer demand, even the most basic manners do not know; people oriented who only heard and not seen, do not know how to meet the needs of consumers what kind of? This service is at best show, is to serve as acting, it does not know what is the significance?

a few days before going to Zhengzhou, heard that the local museum is a hotspot, and took a bus to. Unexpectedly, a door, he was called security door: "hello! What do you have?" I turned around, a young security guard with a serious face and a thick Henan accent. I explained what he wanted, the boy said: "I’m sorry, today we should be closed, but today held here older games, so did not close, but you still can not enter."

I looked at him and joked, "I’m an old man, too." The young man laughed, but immediately closed his smile and said to me, "I’m sorry, you really can’t come in. Please come back tomorrow." I said I was a stranger, leaving Zhengzhou tomorrow. The young man said: "there is no way, you really can not enter. As such, there is a museum nearby, about ten minutes walk from here on, then turn right on to about ten minutes. >

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