Sichuan Agricultural Science and technology personnel to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship p

March 14, 2017

is based on the modern agricultural science and technology on agriculture, in order to achieve new breakthroughs in agricultural development, it is necessary to strengthen the role of agricultural science and technology to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate the enthusiasm and confidence for the personnel of agricultural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

in Xuanhan County of Sichuan province in 2014 the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Animal Sciences, agricultural science and technology personnel to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship specific reform based on our province will further deepen the reform of science and technology, agricultural science and technology personnel incentive innovation and entrepreneurship in a broader and deeper areas, promote agricultural science and technology innovation and transformation, accelerate the development of modern agriculture. This is the reporter from the province held in Chengdu in February 18th to deepen the reform of agricultural science and technology system work conference was informed. The provincial Party committee, agriculture committee director Li Changping presided over the meeting.

2015, the Provincial Association for science and technology of third party assessment that the pilot, actively and steadily promote the orderly and effective, it is conducive to stimulate technological innovation and entrepreneurship personnel enthusiasm, led farmers to get rich, the development of new agricultural business entities and guide the development of appropriate scale of operation, improve agricultural productivity and agricultural modernization level and promote rural comprehensive and other related fields deepening the reform of "five favorables".

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