Jiang Ming make it easier for entrepreneurs to help create a more successful

March 14, 2017

create a better business environment for creating, make entrepreneurship easier, has been the people’s Congress, dawn Group founder and chairman Jiang Ming’s opinion. If there are more people so concerned about the survival of those who believe that the business environment to provide entrepreneurs who will become better and better.

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, entrepreneurs how to do? The National People’s Congress, the dawn of the group’s founder and chairman Jiang Ming’s choice, as a passenger service hit off, provide opportunities, setting the stage for the thousands on thousands of hit off, make business easier and help creating more successful.

The first project

"to" double "Gansu is a grain of sand, like a drop of water, do a ‘double’ Explorer and practitioner, paving the bridge, for the revitalization of central China Henan province enriching to assume the responsibility of a hit off the." Jiang Ming said.



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