Shencanzhijian disabled farmers get rich

March 14, 2017

is saying some people alive, but he was already dead, because he lives not handsome, not brave enough, nothing, there are many such "dead" side, but there is a physical disability, but rely on their own efforts to become wealthy farmers is a real "man alive".

"spring is not thriving." Is Li Lisheng’s pet phrase. Once, he unremitting self-improvement and enterprising. Now, as Fujian Lu Jia Fang Cun, Taining County Shan town village party secretary, he led the villagers to get rich.

Li Lisheng, born in Fujian County, Taining Province, 1963. When he was a child, he suffered from polio, and he had a disability. In 1981, he graduated from high school, due to farming and farming, had to sit at home. Although by relatives and friends can live, but Li Lisheng is determined to earn!

walking, dexterous hands, Li Lisheng chose to be a tailor. He thanks teacher surnamed Chen from serious grasp of fashion design, tailoring and making method, to acquired a "needle" work effort and sweat.

1983, Li Lisheng "own", in the village when the flow of the tailor. He used to walk to Lanhuo the homes of villagers, then do personally send clothes home. Once, he put the clothes sent to South Village customers home, due to walking, heart anxious, several times fell on the road. When he arrived, the body is dust, also hurt her knee, but his clothes are still clean and tidy. Due to the enthusiasm of the service, technical skills, more and more repeat customers.

1985 years, the traditional handmade clothing industry has been affected, gradually depressed. Li Lisheng decided to lay down their business, to the garment technology developed in southern fujian. A garment factory in Shishi, he has to work every day 10 hours. After work, his legs felt weak, in the workers helped to get out of the workshop. But again tired again painstakingly, Li Lisheng adhere to teeth, because he has a dream — to do a clothing factory, the advanced manufacturing technology introduction home!

1987, Li Lisheng carries 20 thousand yuan in cash and enthusiasm to return to Taining, the office of the Jinhu garment factory". But a year later, the product is slow-moving, he not only did not make money, but also loss of the. Helpless, he had to shut down the factory, a small shop in Taining Chengguan, to dry up the tailor’s old job.

dream of Li Lisheng depression did not vanish like soap bubbles. He began to make friends, collect market information. Soon, he found that the sugar alcohol and tobacco non-staple food market is good, "transformation" stem from the grocery distribution. Because he attached importance to the quality of goods, pay attention to the integrity of the business, the business quickly on the track, more and more prosperous. Today, Li Lisheng has a five storey building in the town center area, also recommended

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