Fang Yan joined the headquarters in what place roast pig’s trotters

March 14, 2017

in the pedestrian street as a row of snack street shops do you most love what kind of snacks, anyway, Xiao Bian personally feel that every time a small Fang Yan roast pig’s trotters window customers full, why in so many snacks. Brand China Yan roast pig’s trotters is so popular, Xiao Bian personally think that may be because the roast pig’s trotters not greasy fat nutrition, in the baking process of decomposition, while the release of a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body more healthy, more nutritious, nourishing effect on the human body more delicious roast; pig’s trotters increase appetite, not only skin coke tender crisp, cold, supplemented by a variety of barbecue sauce, spicy and delicious, appetites, eat a hundred tire, long aftertaste after eating


Fang Yan grilled pig’s trotters headquarter in what place?

Anhui Hefei Fang Yan Food Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2013, "the last word" and "Yan" from the name of the founder of the couple, although founded only half a year, but with the gradual expansion of product. Its famous roast pig’s trotters Yan Fang Yan, Food Co. Ltd. has developed into the Hefei market the ten line of snacks, and sea fishing, Luzhou Roasted Duck Hot pot shop, Wang Zhan remember Taosu par.

Fang Yan grilled pig’s trotters fat but not greasy, fragrance, the first bite to eat do not feel, second, couldn’t restrain excited novelty. Fang Yan is a leader in the pig’s trotters pig’s trotters roast flavor, delicacy, attracted eight visitors attention. Fang Yan baked pig’s trotters more flavor, not greasy, healthier and more nutritious. 9 kinds of traditional taste, 5 new flavor, roast the royal prerogative shoe achievement. Fang Yan baked pig’s trotters exclusive secret recipe, featured more than 48 kinds of rare Chinese herbal medicine, exclusive sauce blend. No need to marinate, seasoning simple. Slow roasted, soft slippery tender, fat but not greasy, that is the entrance, fragrant lips and teeth, a "charm Dong Po elbow". Fire grilled, tender crisp skin, muscle elastic teeth, fragrant bone, long aftertaste, more "delicious Roast Lamb Leg".

Fang Yan joined the cooperation conditions:

pig’s trotters roast

1, have the ability to bear civil liability independently admission or enterprise, has a good reputation and positive entrepreneurial passion, business philosophy and development goals of the identification with company, interested in "Jinbang shoe business, and the company name" to work together to develop the international market.

2, can send 2 people to accept and store the system management training, comply with the company’s management standard, to provide customers with good service consciousness, and consciously safeguard the "Jinbang shoe" brand reputation.

3, with a certain start-up capital, with a long-term development vision and management capabilities, to have the spirit of hard work and strong desire for success.

4, willing to accept the company’s cooperation methods and conditions

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