How do you open a snack bar to do business, do you know

March 14, 2017

delicious snacks are a lot of us can’t refuse, a business entrepreneur is very optimistic about the industry, worth in the business when considering if it is operating some of the more distinctive snacks, the customer is pretty much. But there are also a lot of snack bar, there are still a lot of snacks business is relatively bleak, especially for the first time to start a business friend, is also very confused, do not know how to do. Here we take a look at how to open a snack bar to do business is booming.

how to open a snack bar business is booming? The location of the snack bar is very important

family status is the basic factor affecting consumer demand. Family characteristics include: population, income, etc.. If the average household income and household income distribution, will significantly affect the future store sales. And the average family income in the region, will increase the number of families to purchase goods, quality and grade requirements.

how to open a snack bar business is booming? Snack bar decoration and facilities should pay attention to

store white ceiling, wall, lamp installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. Kitchen decoration and facilities 4000 yuan, 15 sets of table and chair for 6000 yuan, two sets of air-conditioning 6000 yuan, 2000 yuan for the purchase of tableware. Although the investment is not too much, but to open a snack bar to reflect the elegant, people’s appetite and the environment often have some relevance.

how to open a snack bar business is booming? The use of snack bar staff is also popular in the store based

please two employees, a collection, a collection of tables and washing dishes, three operations in the kitchen window, a pie delivery. When the payee is a boss or a person when it comes to the issue of discount management. Staff uniforms, hire employees to pay 200 yuan deposit, the problem is almost uniform investment balance, not uniform investments. Employees basic salary of 800-1200 yuan, then 5% of the monthly turnover of staff bonuses, according to the average attendance rate.

how to open a snack bar business is booming? To have the operating characteristics of the snack bar

The biggest feature of

snacks, is to do some people do not do well, but the profit is quite high food, to find a store’s fist products, in order to create customers to shop reasons. The more distinctive food and beverage outlets, the more vitality. Because, no matter what level of consumers in the taste of a "love" instinct, as long as it tastes good, always attract customers in a continuous line, make the catering manager prosperous snacks.

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