2016 Hunan PPP project held in Beijing

March 14, 2017

PPP for the word, some small partners may not be very understanding. PPP refers to the cooperation between government and social capital. So what is the significance of the signing of the Hunan PPP? Let’s get together.

today, 2016 of the Hunan provincial government and social capital cooperation (PPP) work to promote demonstration projects and promotion will be held in Beijing, a total of 136 provincial PPP demonstration project public promotion, a total investment of about 229 billion 230 million yuan. Vice governor Shi Yaobin of undersecretary of Ministry of finance, he Baoxiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

after the pre project docking, 12 PPP projects from 11 cities of Hunan Province, successfully signed at the meeting, the total investment amounted to 17 billion 736 million yuan, the project involves a number of areas of transportation, municipal engineering, area development, ecological construction and environmental protection, cultural tourism, water conservancy project etc..

ho Cheung introduced the Hunan province at the meeting. He pointed out that the new development of Hunan, the need for good projects, big investment. PPP model is used to realize the new mechanism of government, enterprise and social win-win, have a brilliant future in Hunan, Hunan to adopt PPP mode to build China’s first with completely independent intellectual property rights of low-speed maglev railway – Changsha maglev express, "13th Five-Year" period, Hunan will cooperate with the promotion of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization and green, for PPP project cooperation to open vast space; Hunan will provide the environment for the development of high quality service, and strive to build according to the law, re Connaught performance, public service type government transparency, and strive to create a pro business, wealthy investment environment.

for the formal signing of the project in Hunan,, Hunan will further create a more high-quality enterprises, and can effectively promote the economic development of Hunan province. In the future, we hope that the economic development of Hunan will be better and better, the strength will become more and more powerful!

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