How to reduce the cost of raw materials

March 14, 2017

a shop wants a higher profit, in addition to the need to master a variety of operating skills, the cost of raw materials is also a very important way to reduce the cost of natural resources. So, do you think that the beverage shop to reduce the cost of raw materials is to buy cheaper raw materials? Or would you reduce the amount of raw material each drink should be?

if the procurement of cheap raw materials, will increase the risk of food safety, while the raw material is not enough, the taste of the beverage will be light, reflecting the flavor of the product.

everyone just opened when the original idea basically is to hope that their products store more better, and then have no destination in the market of raw materials purchased in strawberry, mango and so many flavors of raw materials back to try to do. The more you choose the kind of raw materials, the more likely to cause a backlog, if you can not sell quickly, it may lead to expired.

in fact, as long as you pay attention to observe, you will find some big chain stores, whether it is a milk tea shop or dessert shop, his products have a main flavor. For example, full of desert, his products are based on the theme and multi mango extension, they will focus on using mango in the promotion of the time, it is easier to control the volume of procurement, and the more the number of single raw material, more low-cost, more cost saving; and the coffee shop is mainly to coffee as the main products, such as good location of the main product of the shop, itself is a very important raw material saving, cost reduction methods.

therefore, a lot of ways to reduce the cost of raw materials, is not a single reduction in the cost of raw materials, resulting in the impact of product taste. In fact, good store products should follow a principle, less raw materials, with more. Clever use of raw materials, can be matched with unlimited possibilities. If your menu is dense, will only lead to difficult customer choice, under the single speed slow.

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