Learn some tricks to join ridology

March 14, 2017

now joined the scam more and more tricks, but also more and more brilliant, so entrepreneurs must know how to expose a fraud, to safeguard their own interests, not detours, go on the road of rapid wealth, so some deception is a must to join.

most scammers way to false propaganda, with low investment, high returns to deceive investors. The promotion of products not the publicity so hot, even the cost of the franchisee stores are not making back, not to mention the high returns. The final purpose of the liar is just to cheat the franchisee to join the cost of its investment plans are carefully designed.

the first one: Magical entrepreneurial process

second strokes: dead to tie

the dead to tie, brainwash you, crooks will excuse many specific issues the phone that is not clear, and to invite you to visit the headquarters of the so-called. As long as you go to visit the headquarters of the liars, basically on the success of the 50%.

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