ntegrated walls have a small market to analyze

March 15, 2017

now, people pay more attention to the overall renovation of the decoration effect, many entrepreneurs have also seen the hope of integrated home, but also tasted the sweetness. More and more integrated into the market, into the homes of ordinary people. Home building materials industry is also gradually from the kitchen appliances, bathroom penetration to the floor, lighting and other fields.

A, disorderly competition in the industry, manufacturers and distributors of the price war, each side, resulting in the increasingly fierce competition, profits are more and more modest.

two, the lack of innovation, the so-called new enterprises, but is more style, to change the product color, nice name, add a gimmick, but only for the industry and consumers are fatigued, so people are watching.

three, fake brand impact of market share, in fact, any one industry market development is a pattern, like a river, water is from high to bottom go, but if many of the river bed, rugged reef, then it will not surge water potential is swift. For the industry, if the industry disorderly competition, the result will make a lot of fake brand-name, brand impact real brand market share.

four, lack of credibility, now in the integrated ceiling industry, there are companies and parts manufacturers, distributors, three major credit crisis workers, if the parties do not trust each other, how to make the industry healthy development.

integrated wall turned out.

integrated wall obtained sixth session of Chinese patented high-tech products Expo Gold in a short period of time, won the national prize of energy-saving products, green building materials product certificate, the product has been the domestic authority of the Department by building materials and components of quality inspection, a number of acoustic properties, thermal properties of National fireproof construction material quality, are in line with the national standard.

integrated wall not only has the heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, moisture-proof, super hardness, green environmental protection, convenient installation, easy maintenance and no deformation, fashion space, space saving advantages of 10, and the use range is very wide, can be installed in the bedroom, living room decoration, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, recommended

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