How to open a clothing store how to recruit these very practical

March 15, 2017

now open a clothing store is still good, but in order to get a good supply can not be so easy to open a clothing store, purchase is very important. So how to open a clothing store? What problems need to pay attention to? Today, along with Xiaobian together to learn about it!

a store if there is no repeat, you purchase a problem? Secondly, when purchasing only procurement in line with their own style and other styles of clothing no matter how beautiful, how cheap it is best not to enter, to adhere to their own style, focus on your business specific consumer groups, not what people want to earn money or not, but your operating costs were high. Not to earn money and stock risk.

a the same clothes, appeared in two different clothing wholesale market, the wholesale price difference actually doubled. Why is this? Now clothing market jump goods mutual copied version of the situation is very common, because the production of this dress factory shipments is certainly the most cheap, other wholesalers may purchase and wholesale, even after several times sold wholesale, the price will certainly rise steadily.

this: the purchase price decided your store is competitive, one-time purchase less, cost may be very low, this is the law of the market! Only a large number of one-time purchase, and the establishment of long-term cooperative relationship between customers to purchase a lower market price, and sometimes only a few dollars of the purchase price, the impact on the retail is also very large.


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