David’s choice of coffee to join unlimited business opportunities

March 15, 2017

in the modern society, many people are focusing on the quality of life, currently in the catering industry, coffee market prospects are very good, in many of the coffee brand, the selection of David coffee has been the favorite of consumers, as a popular brand of coffee, the selection of David coffee franchise market prospects are very broad, entrepreneurs choose the investment of David. Choose good coffee, Unlimited Business Opportunities.

winter Gulou Street with some desolate, the first snow in the winter of 2016, the reporter walked into the drum tower is located in the old Beijing Hutong Culture Zone Zhang Wang alley No. 17, to visit a company named David choice Internet brand of coffee.

this is a single family courtyard, simple modern style decoration, the front is a quiet cafe, a walk in warm spring. But this is not just a small style leisure area, through the door, go inside, you can see the election of David’s young team, here is David’s selection of information technology (Beijing) the geographical coordinates of Limited by Share Ltd. This is finance, this is the design, which is technology and operations." Liu Jinxing, co-founder of David, who looks neat and clean, younger than the actual age, told reporters about their team distribution.

According to Liu Jinxing

, the company has 300 people, 150 people push the removal of personnel, the vast majority of sitting inside the B2B purchasing platform for election of David’s treasure purchase team, and the day reporters to visit the David from the brand – David of coffee, is one of a team of 10 individual team.

starts with a box of ear coffee

2014, three young entrepreneurs decided to start from the ear hanging coffee, do a different brand. Prior to this, they also tried to eat fresh food, high-end products, including hanging ear coffee is the highest category of re purchase rate. They believe that as long as the young people to meet the strong purchasing power of this category, not the mainstream of the subject matter, with the help of the wind to upgrade these three standards, you can call it an opportunity to try. Coffee may be a chance.

currently has a total of 70 billion yuan in the coffee market in the country, of which there are about $60 billion almost all of Starbucks’s catering coffee, the remaining $10 billion, coffee giant Nestle accounted for almost 75%-80%. This is the last 2 billion yuan market, including Europe and the United States imported and domestic, Southeast Asia and some other cost-effective low-end brands, Liu Jinxing felt that the election of David will have a brilliant future in which.

has a monopoly in fact represents a new opportunity. When the Chinese cultural and economic level is more and more high, their ideas will become less and less, you will understand the truth, those old FMCG products is not the essence of innovation. Medium low

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