How to name the shop can be more attractive to customers

March 15, 2017

a store if you want to attract more customers, not only need to work on products and services above, but also need the name of a lot of time. The shop name is not only a symbol, to some extent, a good name can quickly store business ideas spread to consumers, enhance the appeal of the store, and then make more money. Take a suitable name, one can easily attract the customer name, small advice needs to follow the following methods:

1. to do specification

shop name must be standardized, should try to move closer to international practice, and strive to standardize the unity. At the same time, it is necessary to register its name in a timely manner in order to get the protection of the law.

2. to reflect the personality and uniqueness

shop name to have personality, not with any other name repeated. Have a unique personality, have their own characteristics, can give a deep impression, can make people easy to identify.

3. to contain the meaning of

shop name not only to its business philosophy, activity recognition of unity, with shops and reflect the concept, but also to reflect the principle of service, clothing store image, make people see or hear your shop name will be able to feel your business philosophy, and can produce good thinking, do you have a good impression on the shop.

4. to be generalized and attractive

The name

a highly general and strongly attractive to consumers, visual and psychological effect plays an important role, not only can give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also to attract customers, expand sales, the salesman played the first role. The same is true of shops.

Most of the ancient shops called "Shun", "

", "Tai", "Xiang" category of words, in order to discuss a pleasant auspicious. Modern management is also very pay attention to his shop a concise and comprehensive name.

some shops are also operating characteristics of the name, which is the operating characteristics of the store with the name of the expression and strengthen, so that consumers can easily understand the memory, such as the Japanese store chain group, 100 stores, etc.. And the quality of goods, convenience of naming, such as shops, shops, Meijia Wumart PARKnSHOP stores.

a store any customers, if just from the name you want to look into the store, the shop is very successful. In a word, a suit and commodities have a direct close contact, big and seductive, own good name, memorable, it will make your shop add vitality, bring meaning for you.

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