This is conducive to the long-term development of automotive beauty chain

March 15, 2017

we know that a good car beauty chain, customer satisfaction is very high, every car beauty chain boss want to strive to improve customer satisfaction. So, how do we improve customer satisfaction? What skills? Today I will take you to analyze.

1, the customer is the franchise’s intangible assets

2, the customer is the obligation to join the store salesman

3, the customer is the store service and product supervisor

4, the customer is the key to the survival and development of

5, the customer is the store to reduce the cost of the drug

through sales and customer relationship is relatively easy, but to keep the relationship and continue to create value from this relationship, it is necessary to provide satisfactory service for the customer. The cost of developing a new customer is much higher than retaining an existing customer, so keep them. Remember that the value of a customer’s life is far greater than that of a trade. Keep the customer, he’s your gold.

6, customers have the right to choose, have the right to enjoy the service

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