What are the problems of Spring Festival store sales

March 15, 2017

although the Spring Festival is the major stores selling goods, the store if you can grasp such a rare time, will be able to create a very high income. However, before the Spring Festival selling season, all kinds of ordering promotions continuously, but some problems have also emerged.

one is the marketing problem. In recent years people wine, milk, beverage, carnivorous commodities such as reduced enthusiasm, coupled with the increase in the number of stores, prices more transparent, often near not far, not hot gold section of the supermarket business.

two is the production date and the transfer of goods. Customers often found goods more fresh and better, and the Spring Festival a lot of sales has been to the end of January, even if it is a period of one year, the production date is December 2016 of the goods, customers have repeatedly considered before reluctantly bought. If you want to get the goods in 2017 to exchange in 2016, as long as less than the critical period, the supplier is not willing to exchange.

three is a cash flow problem. A lot of money is needed for the sales season. If not willing to miss the opportunity to purchase discount loans or borrow money, once the goods will be The loss outweighs the gain. unsalable.

business is not blind to achieve success, we need to be able to master more relevant skills. So, shopkeepers when ordering, also need to be able to correctly analyze the factors of commodity sales prospects, profit margins, production date, shelf life and the reserve funds, must not covet "preferential" and lead to more trouble.

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