Optics Valley to build a world-class innovation and entrepreneurship center

March 15, 2017

is now the country are actively create some social entrepreneurship and innovation center, is to further promote the entrepreneurial activities of the whole society to carry out, among them, Optics Valley is a well-known innovation industrial park.

"by a beam of light" to "oplink everything"

Optics Valley "light", is taken from the photoelectron industry. At present, Optics Valley optoelectronic industry is representative of China global competition of the national team, with 14 thousand related patents, to participate in the drafting of 12 international standards, 300 national standards.

however, not only in Optics Valley optoelectronic industry, Optics Valley should is a high-tech industry gathering. In early 2000, the photoelectron industry in Optics Valley started; in 2007, Optics Valley bio pharmaceutical industry started, is now the Optics Valley’s top second industries.

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