Suitable for 80 after the start of the catering business

March 15, 2017

‘s business in the army, occupies the largest proportion is 80. So in the new arrival in 2012, in the end what food and beverage programs suitable for 80 after it? Today, the whole network Xiaobian to recommend you no risk for 80 business, make money fast food items.


Steamed Rice old taste of pork

"old taste" ribs Steamed Rice mass consumption business atmosphere to make people nostalgic, understanding the traditional delicacy brings a wonderful feeling in the dim memory, enhance brand affinity. Learn from the operating characteristics of the theme restaurant, into the modern Chinese fast food operation mode, batch production, quick meals. Simple decoration, fashion and tension, and strive to maximize efficiency.

the old kitchen with ribs taste Steamed Rice Tongtoushi design, Ming file. Customers take meals in cash before the stalls, self-service. (similar to McDonald’s, KFC’s model). Because the product is prefabricated in advance, so the general meal fee, take meal time no more than three minutes.


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