The poor should not be involved in entrepreneurship

March 15, 2017

before people have an inherent point of view, entrepreneurship is the capital of the people will choose the road, no capital, no money, talk about entrepreneurship? Yesterday, Zhou Hongyi at the 2015 entrepreneurial community conference expounded his view that the poor can also venture.

"poor thinking" to dig out a company’s potential

Zhou Hongyi that money promotion is the company’s privilege, not the privilege of start-up companies. Zhou Hongyi in contrast to small businesses and large companies to do the same product team found that the products do not necessarily need to hit a lot of money to promote.

The rise of

this year a lot of new companies, when they started, basically does not have too much money. Zhou Hongyi said that this is because the poor thinking, the lack of resources of thinking, in order to tap the potential of a company.

in the wave of entrepreneurship, in addition to those small and medium-sized entrepreneurs team, there are some big companies in support of internal entrepreneurship, Zhou Hongyi said some of the so-called "internal entrepreneurship, internal incubator" is actually a false start, these "business" and "the poor start" the biggest difference is that the latter will face the problem of life and death, life and death in the pressure previously, some entrepreneurs may be down, but some entrepreneurs can be inspired with great potential, he will be alive in desperation, so as to create very powerful entrepreneurs.

"" poor "should not venture" in one article, that many of the "poor" entrepreneurs know only hard sweat, in disguise "strategic choice when stupid".

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