Entrepreneurship can change the trajectory of life

March 15, 2017

not everyone is born with a golden spoon, no more need to create their own business, you can change a person’s life, this is Xu Ping efficient experience, he is through entrepreneurship to make your future more beautiful.

1987 was born in Xu Ping, out from the rural family grow up, now grow as general manager, Liaoning Jufeng human resources services company Shenyang Wantong New Education General Manager, Shenyang venture star. March 5th, Xu Ping told reporters about his growth experience.

growing failure

to save advertising costs, free of charge to help passers-by shoe. Xu Ping said, there was no money, no one, no more experience, only the left hand warm right." So, in order to save money, Xu Ping day holding shoe polishing tool shuttle in Shenyang Wu’ai street, street, street and other populated places led several business personnel, free shoes, leather bags, care to help passers clean computer. Trading company for half a year, Xu Ping and partners have disagreements in front of major decisions, the final two trading company failed to part company each going his own way.

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