Analysis on the reality of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

March 15, 2017

in the real life, there are a lot of college students like entrepreneurship, how to create a business environment that everyone likes it? College students entrepreneurship "common fault" where? Look at the current market, to analyze it for you.

features: dissatisfaction with the status of


research, college students entrepreneurial experience, most graduates or put it into entrepreneurial activities at the school during  . In all entrepreneurial projects, engaged in the service industry is the largest, most of the time they venture to find work in the enterprise is not satisfied with the result, always want to go when the boss, do you want to do, and provide better employment space.

in all of the entrepreneurial enterprises, this part is only about 22% of the number of college students will be satisfied with their current operating conditions, feel pretty good, but more people, the number accounted for almost half of the enterprises think that their development is not healthy, also expressed dissatisfaction with the status of their own enterprises.

: characteristics of two different

entrepreneurial intention

why go to college students entrepreneurship, with the purpose of how to start it is more likely to be successful, has been a concern, but also the most controversial, but found in the investigation of the college students’ entrepreneurial groups, in all the entrepreneurs, they are not for profit business, also to be able to achieve your dream, let oneself become a man.

in plan to start a business or entrepreneurship has 44 respondents. 13% of people start their own business in order to make money; 31. 79% of people choose to challenge themselves, to realize the dream ";" the number of choice to alleviate the employment pressure "is 10%,     this data also shows that the students are not in order to escape the entrepreneurial employment, and many people have dreams.

three characteristics: Entrepreneurship weakness

in the entrepreneurial crowd, a lot of the number of failures, throughout the entire entrepreneurial market, it is lack of success. To explore the causes, mainly there are many fatal weakness of entrepreneurship in the crowd, for example during the school did not receive business knowledge training, little social experience, on the market is not enough to understand, during the period of school social event experience is also very scarce, resulting in actual combat are entrepreneurs key university students can’t deal with the place.

These are

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